A lovely year of finishes – mid month check in

Ok, so this is going to be quick(ish) because:
1. We went for a super long, super steep walk yesterday and it’s taken its toll on me today. Hence I’m writing under a blanket of tiredness……zzzzzzzzzz
2. It’s Sunday and Sunday = rest
3. The real reason…I haven’t done very much!

Anyway over the past week my little fingers have been working hard, but slowly which means I have finished my doodle embroidery….(I think!)

doodle embroidery - finished

I wish I hadn’t photographed it on this fabric, the whole image reminds me of something, I can’t think what it is, maybe a 70s catalogue shot/bad ebay pic? Anyway it’s not good!

doodle embroidery finished - close up

I have started working on a design for my ATC inspired by this.

embroidered ATC

At the moment it’s all black but might use more colour in the final one (if I decide to use this design). Sadly I don’t have enough of the lovely aurifil and it’s expensive (well to me) so I can only get so much.

I have also stitched up another of the felt balls so the blue one is now done. You can see the underneath of my most recent one here too, this way round it would also make a lovely vessel so that’s what might be coming in the future.

felt vessels and pin cushions
I also embroidered the side a bit, as you can tell I’m quite into the embroidery at the moment!

side view felt balls / vessels

This one is for my daughter and I put lavender in it, she was very pleased especially as I’d stuck to the colour scheme she dictated requested.

I haven’t completed the big yellow one yet, but I had an idea to make it into a door stop so that’s what I’m going to do….hopefully before the end of the month.

One more thing (I promise!)…ending on a postive note I’m getting my sewing machine back tomorrow complete with new foot pedal…yipee! Can’t wait to get going on the Bloom Bloom Pow again, maybe I will get it done by the end of the month after all.

Linking up with A Lovely Year of Finishes and Let’s Get Acquainted hosted by The Sewing Chick.

Plum and June


14 thoughts on “A lovely year of finishes – mid month check in

  1. The embroidery is beautiful. I love the idea of “doodle embroidery!” Gives me some great ideas for abstract embroidery. Thanks for sharing these beautiful works! And, congrats on your year of accomplishments!

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