UFO no 2 – felted purse

UFO, WIP, NFO whatever you want to call it, it’s finished!

To be honest this one hasn’t been in the queue that long, but still it’s good to complete it especially after a poor start.

As usual things didn’t go to plan. I sat down this afternoon with a couple of hours free, thinking that it would be done in one, but it wasn’t to be (no rhyme intended..ha ha).

My intention was to line it, stitch the sides, make the button hole and add the button. Simple no? Well, no.

Lining the felt was fine see…….

lining felt clutch

I also reinforced the top and bottom edges using the freehand embroidery foot and zig zag stitch. I don’t know if there is a better way of doing this. If there is please let me know.

Buuut….the felt was too thick to sew when doubled over which seriously restricted the seam sewing. (If anyone has a suggestion for sewing thick, and I mean thick, fabrics I would be very pleased to hear from you). After taking the foot off I managed to force the purse through but it wasn’t very kind to my machine and my machine responded with nasty uneven stitches.

I unpicked the worst of these and then hand sewed along the sides trying two different types of thread – tapestry wool and quilting thread. Like always I couldn’t choose between the two so I got a second opinion from my boyfriend who liked both and suggested I keep both which was good for me as it meant no unpicking or restitching, excellent.

After this I attempted to add a buttonhole, but yet again the fabric was too thick (only slightly this time) which stopped the special button hole foot (it’s an amazing thing, for me anyway) from doing it’s job. Instead I had to zig zag around the edge in a similar way to the rest of the purse, but I think it kind of works.

button hole

Finally it was just a matter of sewing on the button and voila………..

felt purse outside 3

felt purse open close up

There are more pictures on my flickr page…..have a look!!


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