Kaffe Fassett – A Life in Colour

I’m back!

I bet it feels like I’ve never been away. No, really I bet it does, but I have …honest. I’ve been on a little trip to London. It was very very cold, but still nice to get away and see some lovely things.

I was hoping to do some fabric shopping and really wanted to stop by The Village Haberdashery as it’s one of my favourite online shopping stops, but unfortunately it just wasn’t possible with a frozen four year old in tow and limited time. However, I did manage to get to the Fashion and Textile Museum for the Kaffe Fassett exhibition which was great…..a cocoon of colour, texture and pattern; what more could you ask for?

kaffe fassett - a life in colour

Anyone who has seen Kaffe Fassett’s textiles will know that he doesn’t shy away from colour or clashing combinations which I love. Everywhere wrapped around the walls were examples of his knitting, fabric designs, paintings, quilting and embroidery. As I’m new to quilting I haven’t really seen any real life examples (that I can remember anyway) so it was nice and reassuring (they weren’t all perfect!) to see some up close.

kaffe fassett - quilt

They also had some lovely Kidsilk Haze stripe in the shop which I refrained from buying as I’m not knitting much at the moment, although looking at the weather it would probably be an idea to start. Funnily enough the one substantial item I have knitted is my unfinished (oops!) colourscape chunky cardigan. I love that wool, that wool gave me the motivation I needed to learn to knit……… AGAIN………third time lucky!

Look at this for an example, how great is this little number? Clearly this isn’t mine, but I could just see myself wearing it down the shops!

kaffe fassett - coat

One thing I did make for my trip is this quilted bag. I will be blogging about this step by step tomorrow…promise!



5 thoughts on “Kaffe Fassett – A Life in Colour

  1. That looks like a fantastic visual feast! I’ve added you to my reader (feedly- now google reader has announced its demise)! Look forward to reading you regularly…

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