Experiments in Felting

So………………you know I said that I was going to concentrate on felting for a while, well, I have done some, but concentrating on one thing isn’t something that comes naturally for me, my brain doesn’t like it. You can guess what this means, yes this week I have been mainly sewing…again!

Anyway let’s get to the felting as that’s what I promised. Following the two prefelts I discussed last time I made a few more, this time I managed to keep them plain. I didn’t really know what I was going to do with them as my only real inspiration was the colours themselves which came from watching my daughter doodling the other week using the same pink, green and yellow. I was struck by how beautiful the colours looked together.

Once I’d made the prefelts I thought the best idea would be to keep the design simple in order to highlight the colours so I decided that I would just cut some strips and felt them on a white back ground. Initially I was going to make ANOTHER phone case (I’ve made a lot of these, some are on my flickr page) but this all went out the window.

To start with unfortunately I over aggitated (I think that’s the expression, ha ha angry felt?!) my white background prefelt so it was very tight and when I added the coloured prefelts they wouldn’t attach properly and so looked a bit of a mess. Also I had included a layer of dark pink wool tops on the back so the case would have a contrasting inside, but when it dried this gave the felt a pinkish tinge to what should have been pristine pure white. Worse than this I painted some Dylon over it, thinking this might improve things… it didn’t, the dirty pinkness just got worse, oh dear.

Next to try and keep the strips in place I did a bit of needle felting and added some thin strands of wool tops which did help, but it wasn’t the effect I was looking for and the whole thing just looked a bit muddy.  I was disappointed as it had started so well, but I wasn’t going to let it beat me. It was time for the sewing machine. If the felt wasn’t going to stick of it’s own accord I would have a hand in making it stick.

At first I just machine embroidered around the strips to fix them in place.

I really like the ridges this created and the textures especially the little pool in the middle it’s definitely something I’d try again. I still wasn’t totally happy though because of that nasty dirty pink. There had to be some way of covering it up…and there was:

Scrim and gauze added = sufficient coverage of pink tinge + opportunity to tackle freehand embroidery = happy me. Next stop convert it into something usable………..fingers crossed it will be done by tomorrow.

I don’t know if anyone else has had a similar experience, but it’s so great when you manage to revive an unsightly project. This is now on it’s way to becoming a kind of oversized purse or mini bag however you like to look at it.


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