Although the last post was sewing again, I did say I was swapping to felting for a bit and mostly that’s what I’ve been doing this week.

As I mentioned in my ‘About’ page felting reignited my passion for making. I love felting because it is so hands on. I love the feel of the felt, the colours, the fact that you can cut it to shape and then layer it up, you can add fabric, needle it, dye it (although I haven’t much tried this) and even mould it into 3D shapes (again something I haven’t really experimented with).  So whilst sewing fulfills my desire to produce something functional for me felting offers freedom and versatility, the activity is an end in itself. Nevertheless, there is no reason why sewing and felting cannot meet both those needs so in the following months I hope to attempt this by combining the two in more experimental pieces.

This week I have been making prefelts to be used once I’ve decided exactly what I intend to do with them. Here are a couple of prefelts prior to felting. They were meant to be plain, but I can’t help myself!

Mmm…..yummy just like clouds of candyfloss.

Sunrise wool tops

Sunrise wool tops

Dusk wool tops

Dusk wool tops (bit of a horrid photo, sorry)

And after felting some nice prefelts.

I used mainly merino wool, but also added some hand dyed scrim by Stef Francis, shiny shiny mulberry silk, acrylic tops, wool roving and wool nepps which are great as they add a lovely bobbly texture to the felt. I’m a bit reluctant to cut them up now. I could always work on top of them with some more prefelts, but I think they might be a bit flat and small by the end of the felting process.

My main reason for creating these was to begin my attempts to paint with felt. I used to get lost in painting and was inspired by painter’s such as Patrick Heron, Richard Diebenkorn and Peter Doig to name a few. Their work is so beautifully atmospheric and I would be over the moon if i could create something even half, a quarter, 10% as good and even that is asking a lot. First things first though let’s go back to the drawing board and work out just what exactly it is I’m doing and remember: must not be precious, scissors at the ready!!



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