UFO no 1 – New Look Pattern 6705

Over the past few months I’ve noticed my many unfinished projects are multiplying. I’ve tried to tuck them away in a box on a shelf in a corner but I can see that box now looming over me. Even if I try my hardest to ignore it it’s still there and every time I start something new I hear my projects saying “Remember us, you haven’t finished us yet”! As I mentioned in my previous post I intend to work on some felting for a change, but as this is the worst for giving birth to new UFOs the time has come to tackle these tasks. I have promised myself that each weekend I will finish one of these projects and first in line is the New Look Pattern 6705. Now all I had to do with this was sew on a button and hem the bottom of the shirt, but had I done this… no. My main excuse was not being able to find a button that matched, but to be honest I hadn’t tried that hard. I looked through my button box, none were right. I bought one, that wasn’t right. I put it in the box and vowed to look online, that didn’t happen. Eventually I stumbled across a button that seemed to work and finally I could finish it. Here it is:

New Look Pattern 6705 -- The first top I've ever made!

New Look Pattern 6705 — The first top I’ve ever made!

This pattern was marked ‘easy’ which is slightly depressing as I can’t say that’s how it felt to me, however it is the first top I’ve made ever so I suppose that’s got to be expected. I think the main problem was the fact that I didn’t realise how important it is to make a toile, so I didn’t. I will NEVER make that mistake again! I chose to make a size 12 which seemed to fit with my measurements according to the pack, but it was actually way too big. My shoulders are really narrow so the neckline was huge on me and wouldn’t lie flat. In doing some research it’s also possible that I needed to do an FBA (Full Bust Adjustment), but I’m not sure that would have made much difference with a top of this style. Anyway in the end my solution was just to add a pleat in the ultra stiff interfacing (I think I used the wrong type) this is why the button was so important as it was vital to cover my error! The finished top looks ok, but I’m not sure how often it’ll come out of the wardrobe.

side view - not so good!

side view – not so good!

new look 6705 as modelled by me!

new look 6705 as modelled by me!

As you can see above it’s not the most flattering style for my apple shape. It makes me look pregnant from the side and the sleeves are a bit too puffy for my liking. If I were to make it again I would definitely make a toile,  possibly make a smaller size, probably reduce  the neckline on the pattern, most likely try a lighter fabric like voile and hopefully finish it within a week as opposed to some months!


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