Perfecting Purses

I haven’t had much time to produce this week as I went to stay at my sister’s over the weekend with daughter and school ted in tow. It wasn’t the most relaxing of weekends as it involved National Rail, Primark on a Saturday and freezing temperatures, but fun was had by all and made even better for me as I finished two successful sewing projects prior to going.

No1  was the Moda Quilt Along trivet I described in my previous post and No2 was the last, so far, in a long line of ….well, ok only four…. purses. Here’s where it started:

First Attempt at Patchwork Quilted Purse

First Attempt at Patchwork Quilted Purse

To be honest I was really pleased with how this turned out, the only problem was the zip ends. I couldn’t find an explanation of how to stitch these – whether they should point towards the lining or the outer fabric, how to get them to lie flat or how to avoid either a gaping hole or the ugly puckered look.



Big hole - Yuck!

Big hole – Yuck!

PS I forgot, I know that edging looks quite nice, but that’s only there because of my poor calculations leaving the purse half an inch too small so I came up with the cunning plan to add the spotty border and actually I quite like it.

Now, time for attempt number 2.

I was certain I’d get it right this time. I did a bit of quilting, practised some freehand embroidery and then carefully pinned the zip in place before sewing slowly over the ends.

So far so good…..

Hmmm, not bad…. but wait let’s take a closer look:

Yep, there it is…..

What’s this, it can’t be, nooooooooooo another gaping hole! Even worse I sewed too close to the plastic bits so it’s a wonky gaping hole. Time to hit the search engine again, come on let’s google….

Aaaah, finally an explanation in the form of flossieteacakes and even better, a new technique that hides my shoddy workmanship…hooray for zip covers. Flossie’s purse tutorial makes things so much easier, but of course I couldn’t get it right first time, I mean why break a habit of, uh, the last year.

Once more see below:

Purse mark 2

Purse mark 2

Ouch, and again!

Ouch, and again!

This time my lovely covered zip ends disappeared, I so wanted this to work as the bag was so pretty. I unpicked the seams and restitched, unpicked the seams and restitched, but in the end I resigned myself to the fact that it just wasn’t going to happen. Upon reflection I realised that although I really had done everything right this time, it was my choice of materials that was wrong as I had chosen to use a fusible fleece. My only option was to either change my materials or change the pattern. I chose the latter.

Off I went again, this time (as always) I was determined to get it right… really shouldn’t take this many attempts. Anyway, in the end it turned out all I needed to do was to make the outer fabric about a 1/2  an inch larger to make sure that when I turned the purse out there was enough room for the covers to show without being all squished.

This is the end result:

The finished piece.

Complete with neat covered zip ends…..finally!

Purse with covered zip ends

That’s enough sewing for now, I need a rest and as the saying goes a change is as good as a rest so that’s what I’ll do, next post felting…………..


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