Modern Quilting Cushion – Constructivist Stylee

This post is a bit late, in fact so was the cushion. It was intended as a valentine’s present for my boyfriend but he had to make do with a card instead.  In the end it was only a week late so he can’t really complain I’ve got a cardi that’s been waiting 2 years to be finished and I only need to restitch about two inches of the collar…how bad is that?!

Fabric for cushion.

Fabric for cushion.

Before Christmas I had hardly sewn a thing in my life so I decided to start my sewing practice with cushions. Cushions are small, flat, square and to my mind shouldn’t be that hard. Sadly that’s not the case and something still manages to go wrong, but hey I persevere and they’re getting better.  I’ve made a few recently, both patchwork and quilted, and have been looking for opportunties to make more hence the valentine’s cushion.

Making one for my boyfriend meant that there would be a few obvious restrictions like the fact that he’s not into flowers, colour or even cushions to be honest. What he does like is grey, Russian Constructivism (sorry a bit pretentious), triangles and things made by me (very good). At Christmas I was given the book ‘Quilting Modern’ by Pedersen and Gering and their ‘Winging it’ cushion seemed to fit the bill so I took the design and adapted it to fit with my ideas.

Making the strips for cushion.

Making the strips for cushion.

The osnaberg is suggested in the book and I really like it’s nubby look.  However, I did find it a bit tricky to work with just because it is a loose weave and so frayed a lot which made it a bit messy. It was also difficult to cut because it’s quite stretchy. The texture is nice and soft though and has a nice feel to it so I would probably use it again.

Osnaberg cushion inspired by 'Quilting Modern'

Osnaberg cushion inspired by ‘Quilting Modern’

My biggest challenge was the sun-like semi-circle. This was my first time tackling curves and I couldn’t really find an explanation of how to go about it (any suggestions greatly appreciated) so I adapted a technique for a quilting a circle from a Susan Briscoe book. I’m pretty pleased with it even if it is a bit wrinkly.

To finish off and because the osnaberg frayed so easily I wanted to bind the edges. Initially I intended to bind the outer edge of the cushion, however I didn’t have that much binding and the stuff that I did have was flowery so not the best choice. Anyway I decided to line and bind it on the inside and thought I was being really clever until I turned it outside in and realised that the corners were never going to be the pointy corners I wanted them to be so sadly I had to chop off the well finished excess. Luckily this is tucked away from all eyes and all worked out in the end…..relief.

Ta dah! The finished piece.

Ta dah! The finished piece.



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