Conquering Quilting

So………………….like I said this blog is hopefully going to keep me motivated and keep me learning about all things crafty. Up until now I’ve put off writing a blog  as I didn’t feel I had anything particularly interesting to say or that any of my makings really deserved to be on show. But, things changed towards the end of 2012 when I conquered my greatest fear……….QUILTING! If I can do that I can do anything…ha ha. I still don’t have anything important to say and my stuff isn’t that great, but now I feel that I can and will get better. So  I’m ready to inflict my ramblings on the world (or at least my current one reader!) Patchwork and quilting has always scared me for a number of reasons. Mainly that whenever I hear or read about it somewhere in the same sentence is 1. maths and 2. precision; not my most favourite things. However, when I was looking for Christmas presents I came across a quilt pack fom Saints and Pinners. The pieces were pre-cut and consisted of straight strips of fabric, ideal for a beginner like me. It was also super cute and hard to resist!

Quilt Pack from Saints and Pinners - not made by me!

Quilt Pack from Saints and Pinners – not made by me!

The pack arrived with clear instructions and a nice handwritten note offering help if needed. After hiding the pack away, taking it out, looking at it, coming up with as many reasons why not to start it as I could think of I finally got on with it and guess what I made a quilt, woo! I managed to sew all the pieces in the right order, the lines aren’t too wonky and even better it only took a day to do all the quilting. If I’d have known it’d be so easy I’d have started years ago ……or maybe not.

Finished quilt.

Finished quilt.

Anyway the result of all this is that  I  am now a little bit addicted to quilting unfortunately it’s really not that easy!

Quilting progression - chevron cushion

Quilting progression – chevron cushion



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